Adventure seekers



Nottingham, United Kingdom



BMW F650GS (Pearl) and F800GS




About Lisa Morris and Jason Spafford

‘Good girl gone biker’ Lisa Morris was born and bred in Great Britain, during which she traveled a fair bit for 15 years, in between getting her degree and becoming an instructor to run diving trips and scuba dive the globe. She hung up her fins wanting to diversify into something totally fresh and learned to ride a motorcycle by accident. She won somewhat more than the runner up prize at a motorcycle event; after a morning’s wobbling on two mini wheels, she has never looked back. Currently riding the Americas ‘bottom up’, she’s travelling from Antarctica to the Arctic Circle as much as the Earth’s surface permits onPearl,她的信赖650cc,与她的伴侣Jason Phafford一起。丽莎津津乐道在轨道上享受分享故事freelance travel writer.有趣的是,她认为这是一个祝福,归零的味道零道,特别是在两个潘尼耶和卷袋中拿出了一个与她的“奇妙的其他” - 洗手间的卷包只会让你到目前为止,呃!

As someone that was raised in a rural corner of Nottinghamshire, England, Jason has had an unquenchable thirst for travel for as long as he can remember. He explored above and below the waterline extensively for over two decades, became a scuba diving instructor that saw him teach across the watery globe and run diving trips in the Red Sea; this led to making a name for himself as an水下摄影师. Jason has since broadened his passion behind the lens as anadventure travel photographer, a videographer and drone pilot, which enables him to shoot incredible stills and short films capturingunique aerial photography, while currently living on the road.


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